Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Your Average, Everyday Kindergartner

Noah (5 1/2) HATES coloring.  

Okay, he doesn't hate coloring (come to think of it, though, he doesn't color as often as the other two)...he hates anything that involves having to color something any other way than how he wants to color it.  His father was the same way as a child.  

On our first day of school he had a coloring exercise to do and it was like pulling teeth.  The page consisted of a bunch of cherries, an apple and a firetruck.  As you can imagine, the directions said to color everything red but that isn't how Noah sees the world.  :0)

His favorite apples are green and daddy's favorite cherries are yellow and pink (Rainier) so why on EARTH should he have to color them red?

Thus, is the end of the color specific coloring exercises.  There is definitely no love loss as there are plenty of other things to do.

They say every child is different and this is true for Noah as well.  

Bryce is very go with the flow, calm and even tempered.  Noah is hot tempered, a comedian and a sweetheart all balled up into a tornado of noise, imagination and opinion. He will keep you on your toes from sun up to sun down and force you to think outside of the box. 

Homeschooling him is going to be fun and challenging in way that it was never challenging with Bryce but I can't wait to see how the year plays out.  :0)  I should have lots of great stories to share.
Noah "meditating"

Happy Homeschooling.


  1. That is too funny! And I agree with Noah, things are never just red or black or green. They are all shades and combinations. He knows his colors and he can follow directions (as long as you are going the same direction as he is) He will be such fun to homeschool and such a challenge. But it will be fun!!! --Mom

  2. Zoe's the same way about those coloring pages - we gave them up pretty early on and just used books and the world around us to teach colors. Otherwise, it would have been a constant battle.

  3. It definitely isn't worth the battle, especially at the risk of ruining their love of learning.

    Noah knows his colors but I got it in my mind that I needed proof that he knew them for his portfolio. LOL If it is such a concern...they can come tot he house and quiz him. lol