Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Abbie!

Yesterday was Abigail's fourth birthday!  She had a wonderful day.  

In truth she's had a wonderful couple of days.  Saturday she stayed the night at my parent's house and her and her Maw-maw did all kinds of girly things.  Sunday she had dinner and cupcakes and opened with gifts with her uncle, us and my parents.  Monday she had more cupcakes (we originally did not plan to have cupcakes on Monday but the cupcakes that were bought for Sunday fell and were least in the visual we picked up new ones on the way to dinner at mom and dad's).  Tuesday she had left over cupcakes with one of the two kids that I babysit for and yesterday we took cupcakes to our homeschooling group and she spent the afternoon playing in the rain with her friends and that evening we went out to dinner.

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