Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Disturbance in the Force

I am blaming the rain for my completely off balance day.  *I tried blaming a full moon but that isn't until September 12th (yes, I checked).*

It started this morning when I bent down to grab a bag of baking soda off of my baker's rack...I busted my head.  At first it was just a small puncture would but quickly turned into a nasty goose egg, sleepiness and a headache that has lasted all day long.

Bryce, my diligent homeschooler has been so lazy today.  He completed more work when he was sick than he has today.  A fifteen minute history assignment took him 2 hours, literally.  It wasn't for a lack of understanding...just laziness.

Noah, my hesitant homeschooler did at least 25 workbook pages today!  I am amazed.

Abbie is my homeschooling rock.  :0)  She is her normal self...banging out worksheets faster than I can assign them and never getting bored.

The remainder of the week should prove to be quite busy so I am interesting to see how things play out.

Happy Homeschooling!

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