Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break -- Day One Concluded

Whew....I am tired.  I have forgotten what it is like to have the school kids home during the week.  But, we had a great time.

Our day started with a trip to the grocery store and then off to the library to grab books they were holding for us.  This was the third batch this week and one librarian offered to allow me to move in......if only, if only.

After our errand running, the day started....the school day anyway.  I was able to find a video on YouTube about a plants life cycle.  The kids really seemed to enjoy it.  It was simple enough for them to understand without "dumbing" things down and boring them.

Afterward, we did our 'Take a Guess' trivia.  They really enjoyed it.  Bryce and Issy won brand new pencils for getting the most correct guesses.

Next it was time to paint bird houses!!!!

The finished products are already hanging.  I promise to get pictures.
We then headed outdoors!  *My favorite thing about homeschooling is the ability to do it WHERE EVER you want.  Especially outside on an absolutely beautiful day like today.*

Outside we sat in the grass and talked about what plants and humans need to live, how plants get their food, acid raid and air pollution, the importance of caring for the Earth and the importance of trees and bees.  To drive the point of how pollution affects plants, we are doing a science experiment.  The classic celery in colored water experiment.  Before adding the celery to the water I asked each one of the kids to tell me what they believed was going to happen.  We are going to monitor the celery over several days and I will ask them daily to tell me what they see and then document it.

The older kids worked on some Math skills today while the little ones did activities involving the letter 'A'.

A great deal of time was spent outside riding bikes, running around, and playing games and having silly races.  We played Hot Potato, had a rolling down the hill race, they raced across the yard backwards,  they crawled across the yard, hopped across it, played Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light...with a twist.

We are also attempting to germinate Cosmo seeds in the window....

The last part of the day was spent reviewing what we had talked about this morning, coloring new book marks they received to go with all the books we've borrowed from the library and simply enjoying this beautiful weather.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend.

Happy Homeschooling!

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