Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Good morning fellow homeschoolers!

I do not have much time to post today but I did want to take a moment to share some things that are going on here in the Cochran household.

Spring Break officially starts tomorrow for our school district and it runs through Easter Sunday.

I will have my three children and the two kids I babysit for here all day during the week so I have lots of activities planned for us.

We will be spending the vacation focusing on Earth Day, conservation, habitat destruction, preservation, etc.

Everyday we will be reading a book that ties into our theme.  The three oldest and I will take turns reading out loud.  Our book list includes:

Everyday the kids will have the opportunity to make their best guesses on a "Take a Guess" quiz I have made for them thanks to the book, '50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save The Earth'.  The child with the most correct each day will win a small prize.  This book is pretty much the core of my curriculum for the next week.  It offers lots of information in a kid friendly way and experiments to try at home.

Another thing we will be doing everyday is vocabulary.  I have already chosen the words and everyday will we review them in a new way.  The first day, I will have them look the words up in the dictionary (dictionary skills are always a good thing) then we will be playing games like hangman, unscramble, matching, etc.

We will also be doing lapbooks. Each of the older children have chosen an animal.  Their lapbook will include basic information about the animal, pictures, information about its habitat and then will go into how human are negatively affecting their habitat and what humans can do to fix it.  The younger two are going to combine their efforts (as they do not have the patience to do one individually) and do a lapbook based off of 'The Lorax'.  *I promise to post lots of pictures.*

We will be cleaning out flower beds and planting flowers, painting bird houses and making our own recycled paper and crayons.  I also have some experiments planned to show them how acid raid effects plants and how pollution is absorbed into plants.  We will be taking a short field trip to the local park where we will take a walk, visit the ducks, pick up trash, play and have a picnic lunch.

We will also be reviewing some math skills and learning some "old school" games....anyone remember 7-up???

Have a great day!

Happy Homeschooling!

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