Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Very Busy

I promise that I am not already neglecting my blog.  It has been a crazy couple of days.

Today is the second to last day of Spring Break for the kids and we have gotten a BUNCH accomplished.

When we started the "Take a Guess" trivia they were only able to answer a few correctly and now they are correct most of the time.

They've learned lots of new vocabulary words....
extinct preservation

They've learned to identify the parts of a plant and a plant's life cycle.  We have also talked about where the oxygen that we breathe comes from and how things are recycled.

Their lapbooks are coming along nicely, I can't WAIT to show off the finished products tomorrow.

I have also been lucky enough to have a helper for a few days this week.  My niece, Rhiannon, has been staying with us and giving me a hand with the kids.
Discussing dandelions

"See that?"

On the Math front, the older kids have been working on regrouping/borrowing with 4 digit numbers and multiplication.  They were struggling a bit but fortunately yesterday things started to click.  Eric came home early and each one of us (Rhiannon, Eric and myself) were able to give each one of the kids individual help for as long as they needed.  I also had them watch the video on Khan Academy about regrouping.
Watching regrouping tutorial.
Abbie and Noah have been working on the letter 'B' this week while the older kids work on Math.

Remember our celery experiment and our attempts to germinate seeds in a bag???
Final results....Bryce's hypothesis was correct, the celery died and much faster than its clean water counterpart.

Our seeds germinated so quickly that we had to move them.

Their temporary home on Bryce's desk.  They will stay here until it is time to put them outside.

We've done several crafts so far this week.

Recycled crayons:

 Painting mini flower pots:

Sand art picture frames:

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of all of the kids' work.  I get so wrapped up in what we are doing that I forget to take pictures of everything and by the time I remember they've either taken their stuff home or they've added it to their hidden stash.  : -)

The weather yesterday was simply beautiful and we spent lots of time enjoying it.  Eric took some time out from helping with regrouping/borrowing to play catch with Noah...

Happy Homeschooling!!


  1. CATCH sounds like much more fun than math....

    m boys have been using Khan. We have never done botany. not much. I always loved it, but it holds little to no interest for my boys.
    Maybe I'll just reteach myself some things....

  2. Playing catch is most certainly more fun than match. : -)

    Bryce seems to have a real interest in plants, how they grow, what they do for us and so on. I am glad because it is a topic I also enjoy.

    There is definitely nothing wrong with learning something new.