Friday, April 8, 2011

Homeschool and Socialization

If you homeschool, are thinking about homeschooling or are a supporter of homeschooling you have had some variation of the above conversation.  It can be incredibly frustrating. 

Socialization is one of the BIGGEST homeschooling misconceptions.

So, I wanted to take an opportunity to address this.

You must first realize that socialization exist everywhere and that in the grand scheme of things school can be/is a rather small part of the process of learning how to socialize.
The only time school would be the front runner for socialization is if a child lives in a home where the were essentially ignored and never went anywhere.

Socialization occurs everywhere...home, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, the post office, the mall, in department stores, the park, libraries, churches, cub scouts, girl scouts, dance, with friends, at community events, walking down the street, etc.  

Everyday the average person encounters hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to socialize with individuals from all walks of life...those they already know as well as complete strangers.
I must also note that going to school doesn't make one a social being.  There are plenty of kids/adults who feel completely alone in a room full of people.  There are people who attend(ed) public schools who have absolutely no social skills what so ever.  

Being in any environment doesn't guarantee that a child will have social skills or not have them.

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