Sunday, June 7, 2015

REVIEW -- GreenAir Glass Accessories

Good morning, everyone!  My apologies for being away for so long but life (as it tends to do) got in the way.  :-)

I have lots I plan on sharing with you but before we get back into the swing of things, I will be posting some back to back reviews.

GreenAir, in the last several months, has come out with several new products and they have been generous enough to send me several items to share with you.

Their most recent offerings are a line of glass accessories for your aromatherapy blending needs.

Pictured -- 1/4 dram bottles, 5/8 dram bottles, 4oz cobalt spray bottle, 1oz brown spray bottle, 1/2 oz spray bottle and three 10ml roller bottles.

I've decided to review all of these products together to streamline things.


* All products are very sturdy and able to withstand normal wear and tear.  I've had them for a few weeks not and they've been smacked together, dropped, rolled off the table, etc and no breakage.  No need to worry about them breaking while knocking around a back pack or purse.

*All lids fit securely.  No leakage noted with any of the bottles.  Even when the cap was left off a full roller bottle there was no leaking.

* A wide variety of sizes are available to fit your needs.

*All of the spray tops offer a list mist of product.  I made a "after dryer" spray for our laundry and put it in the 4oz bottle.  I was concerned that it would be too heavy but it is very light.

*The spray top for the 4oz cobalt bottle would be a great alternative for those with arthritis in their hands/fingers as it doesn't require much force to spray the contents.


I honestly do not have any to offer.  These products are drop shipped from which may be a con for some of you.


I definitely recommend considering these products for your at home needs.  Prices are comparable to others and GreenAir is a trusted and respected company.  Products usually come as singles or in packs of three, six or twelve (depending on the item), if you are looking at purchasing larger quantities I would recommend contacting the company first to see if bulk pricing is available.

If you are not familiar with GreenAir and their products, you can find them here --

Website -

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