Sunday, September 14, 2014

HUGE CHANGES AHEAD! Proceed with excitement! :-)

After much thought, I've decided to expand the purpose of my blog.  As you may have noticed some changes have already been made but here are the other changes you can look forward to....

~Herbalism related post.  I consider myself a budding herbalist.  I've been working with herbs for close to four years now and it is a big part of our lives and how I care for my family.

~Aromatherapy related post.  Aromatherapy is something I became interested in almost 2 years ago.  It started with making bath and body products and has since morphed into using them in conjunction with herbs to treat various health concerns within our circle of family and friends.

~FOOD!  I love food.  I love growing it and I especially love cooking and eating it.  So expect some recipes in the future.

~Our homestead adventures!  That's right, we are planning to move within the next year to start our homestead.  House buying, chickens, gardens, piggies....oh my!

~Product reviews.  Self-explanatory, right!?!?

...and don't worry, if you are here for the homeschool post they are not going anywhere.  :-)

Is there something else you think I should cover in the blog?  Let me know in the comments!!


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