Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Homeschool Space


If you've got through the earlier post from this blog, you may have found the pictures of our homeschool room.  I loved that space!  Fireplace, lots of room, lots of natural light, etc.  However, we do not have that space anymore. 

Our new home is much smaller than our rental so we no longer have a homeschool room, we have a homeschool house.  I know a lot of people struggle with where to put everything they've acquired so wanted to share with you our space.

Our kitchen table
This is our reference bookcase in the kitchen
Our state map for our US study.
These decals will be placed on our map
after we cover each state.

Below are all the items that are in our living room.                  

Our Classics bookcase.
On the top are our educational DVDs.
We do most of our media on Youtube,
Amazon and Netflix.
                 This is the kids' bookcase.  Next to it is
                  our Lego cart. I keep the Legos in the
                  living room so Noah doesn't stay up all
                  night playing with them.  

Right now there are not any homeschool items in the kids' room, other than some of their art work.  I also have a 20 drawer rolling cart (previously used as a workbox) to store supplies but I'll spare you that disaster. lol

Tell us about your homeschool space.  Have pictures?  Link them below!  Questions?  Comments?  Share them below and I will get to them as quickly as I can.

Have a great day!

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