Friday, December 9, 2011

Bodhi Day

For those who do not know, yesterday (December 8) was Bodhi Day for those who practice Buddhism.

Bodhi Day is to commemorate Buddha reaching enlightenment after 6 days of meditating under a Bodhi tree (a sacred Fig Tree).

In effort to further our understanding of different religions, belief systems, etc. we spent the day learning about Buddhism, who Buddha was and how he came to be Buddha.

For information and activities, I used the following sites:

The kids have always enjoyed learning bit and pieces about Buddha and Buddhism and this was no different.

For our activities we made Bodhi trees, lotus flowers and the kids colored a picture of Buddha and of a lotus.  There is an activity in the last link for a lotus lantern that we may try later today.

*I will post pictures later, Blogger isn't cooperating.*

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