Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it's Monday again.  The kids are back to school and things go back to "normal" around here.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to have the weekend I envisioned because I  wasn't feeling well.

Saturday we briefly attended the Second Annual Shepherdstown Earth Day festival.  Something, I affectionately call "Hippie Fest" and if you've ever been to or lived in/around Shepherdstown you know why.

We were not able to enjoy all of the bands and activities but we had a good time while we were there.  One things we were able to do was prospecting.

Amongst bands, booths of information on going green and vendors peddling their homemade/home grown wares is a large trailer that is a "Mobile Gold and Gem mine".  Who can pass something like that up?  We couldn't.
As you walk in you find two long "chutes" on either wall with water running through them.  On each shoot are several screened frames.  You have your option to purchase a $3.00 bag, $5.00 bucket or a $10.00 bucket.  The owner of this mobile mine (Tim) guarantees that you will find AT LEAST 4-5 items no matter which you purchase.

We decided to get each of the kids bags.  Tim let them pick out their lucky bag, took them over to the chutes and then walked them through the prospecting process.  The kids had a BLAST and so did Eric and I.  In fact, after the kids were done I decided I wanted to give it a go.  I went with a $5.00 bucket which was a lot larger than I expected. lol  Time helped to identify some of the items we found and even turned an arrowhead I found into a necklace for me.  As we were leaving he gave us an identification chart so that the kids can re-identify their treasures at home.
Our treasures
The remainder of our Saturday was spent resting and shopping.

Sunday was very laid back.  The kids spent their day hunting eggs and playing with their gifts from the Easter Bunny.  Since most of their presents were more appropriate for outdoor play I was very glad to see that the weathermen were wrong about the rain they were calling for.

This week will be spent cleaning, working with Abbie and Noah in their new workbooks and getting ready for the Faerie Festival we will be attending Saturday.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Happy Homeschooling.

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