Monday, April 11, 2011

Saving My Almighty Dollar

I want to again reiterate that homeschooling does NOT have to be expensive....and this time I have proof.

We have been in the market for several board games for the kids (to use as teaching tools) and a globe for our classroom.

I have been pricing things out in order to get the best deal before I go spending money.

My mother called me yesterday from the local flea market.  She was able to get me 13 games and a globe for $12.00.  Three of the games have never been opened. 

Make yourself a wish list of items you want for your room and carry it with you.  Check out yard sales (it's about that time of year), flea markets, church bazaars, Good Will, consignments shops, etc before paying retail for anything.

And if you have an awesome support system who is willing to help and keep and eye out for bargains for you, email them your wish list as well.

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